Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Because she asked so sweetly

This is Hippy Chick's meme (that she made up!), and, of course, I had to play along...

1) What’s your favorite color of nail polish?
2) What’s your favorite place to kiss someone else besides the lips (on the face)?
That’s no fun limiting it to the face…I guess the eyes.
3) What’s your favorite place you like to be kissed besides the lips, etc.
Again, no fun! Jawline…especially if there’s a little teeth involved in the kiss.
4) What’s your favorite pasta shape?
I like the corkscrew shaped ones.
5) What big lie did you get away with when you were younger?
This is more of a lie of omission…standing, wasted for the first time, in front of my parents at 12 while I explained why it would be a good idea for me to sleep over in the tent in my neighbor’s backyard. (so we could drink some more and smoke cigarettes – that’s the real reason).
6) What big lie have you been busted for?
“No, mom, I wasn’t at that party…” Mom’s response, “Well, JJ told his mother you were, and she called me after she called the principal.” (It was a party for the high school newspaper staff. JJ got effed-up! JJ’s mom wanted the newspaper staff kicked off the newspaper.) That night I’d only had a beer because I was driving, and as I was leaving the cops were pulling up.
7) Who are three famous people you would love to date?
Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, and Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins (I know it’s 4, but really they would be a delicious couple to date, wouldn’t they?!).
8) Who would you most like to smack for being an ass?
The current President – somebody should have done it sooner.
9) What are 3 states you’d most like to try living in for a couple of months?
The upper peninsula of Michigan. I did live there for 2 months and would love to do it again – without having to be a camp counselor….also only in the summer. Arizona. Maine.
10) What is one thing about me that you don’t know that you are (even mildly curious) about?
How did you know that BeeDragon was the one? (because I remember it was pretty quick…)


Flash said...

A little teeth involved,eh?
*makes mental note*!!!

Hippy Chick said...

Ok to clear up a misunderstanding, when i said besides lips (on your face) I meant "besides from the lips on your face" to clarify which lips I was talking about (i was being a little facetious and pervy) and not limiting it at all to the face. This confused pretty much everyone so please answer those 2 again. Will get back to you soonly with #10's answer :)

spinsterwitch said...

I think that I'll stick with my answers for the present.

red one said...

Pasta: I was all for the twirly worly corkscrews till I discovered the ones like little flying saucers.

maybe I'm just fickle.