Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random post #380

I'm feeling a bit in a stream of conciousness mood today. So I felt that I should blog something rather than have it spill out into my work.

I dreamt about sasquatch last night, and vacationing in some place where sasquatch was. We had some sort of ability to communicate, sasquatch and I. I also dreamt that I was having dinner with 2 queens and a king. The king was Prince Ranier and the queens were Liza Minelli and Jackie O.

I had to have 2 cups of decaf and the enticement of a chocolate chip muffin to get me to work today. So I stopped at the Ethiopian coffee shop across from work (where the cardboard cupholders are SBC ads written in Cyrillic - I couldn't make this shit up, really!). On my way there I got beeped at by a motorist...flattering perhaps, if he hadn't just almost run me over in the cross walk.

I watched a new show last night...called The Unit (which has got to be the most obnoxious and obvious name for such a testosterone fest). It's about an anti-terrorism unit that apparently is outside of the actual chain of anyone's command. One of the wives of one of these soldiers was lecturing another wife about how being afraid because your husband is in the line of danger is "the history of the world" and how her husband would hate her forever if she couldn't accept his job and stick with him. It was fearmongering and the romanticization of violence at its finest. Oh, and the acting sucked - they were stiff and uncomfortable...

I really was only watching it because I was braindead by the time I got home, and I was trying to stay up for the Amazing Race. I hope Supernatural is not a rerun next week.

I spent a goodly amount of time obsessing over my trip last night. Since I started reading the guidebooks months ago, I can't really go over them again - except to pull out those things that I really don't want to miss. I keep getting suggestions from people at work - "Don't miss the changing of the guards," they say, "Or Buckingham Palace." But really I think that I could do without these things quite nicely. I'm sure I'll pass BP at some point, but since I can't go in and have a poke around... I want to go to the Tower, of course, and Westminster (to see Elizabeth I and Mary, her cousin)...and there's the British Museum (for the mummies) and Covent Garden (where I can try to imagine Eliza Doolittle selling her flowers). I want to find markets where I can watch people...and I'm trying to decide on a day trip to Bath or somewhere else. I think what I realized last night is that my 7 days is just not enough time (I'm there for 9 days, but one is the arrival day and the other is departure day...I'm not planning much for either day).

I'll stop because I could go on and on about that...I'm even excited about the plane trip (where is that coming from!)

I think I may have exhausted my stream of conciousness for a bit.
Update: So I thought surely someone would comment on sasquatch, then I remembered the problems that Gladys has had in the past. I checked to see about posting a comment and found that I just got a blank pink screen! EEK! I suppose it's better than the "blue screen of death." Just barely.

Hopefully blogger gets its head out of its ass soon and the problem goes away!


Hippy Chick said...

my assessment of changing of guards/BP: "eh"
covent garden: not to be missed, truly Diagon Alley to us 'muricans
tate moderne: loved it
soho: fun but busy
any pub in all of London: you will love it!

spinsterwitch said...

There are my comments...yay!

See you in a few HC!

pilchards said...

Covent garden definately, Camden is hippyish and stonerish, Diagon Alley really exists! and is accesable to muggles!!
Greenwich market is good!
I could fill this comment with things to do near me!
Madam Tussards is a letdown, The London Dungeon is good.

Mr-Mystic said...

Madame toussauds is a must let down or not.

Aravis said...

Thanks for the review of The Unit. I suspected I wasn't missing much while I watched House last night, and now I know I didn't. Have fun planning your trip! :0)

Flash said...

Not long now, eh?
Though it's considerably further than Bath, I would recommend York for a day trip.

Charby said...

Erm, I was that Pilchards.
Thats my other internet nickname, dunno how it ended up there though!

shadow51 said...

Must see Stonehenge. Also, would recommend Bath as a day trip.

Lord Bargain said...

I really like Covent Garden. Good choice, Spinny.

Alecya Giovanni said...

I'm afraid the wonders of the land over the pond are lost on me, so I am no help there...

Have you completely had it with the jerks on amazing race who are wanting to get laid yet? Ugh, I hate those guys.

Oh, did you watch ANTM? The girl from Nigeria is so beautiful it hurts. And you can tell shes a beautiful person, too. Wow. But her eyes? Amazing.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

AG - yeah, those guys are obnoxious, but I also try to remember how much they edit. As for ANTM, Nnenna is lovely. She's my initial bet for the winner.

Aravis said...

Randy looks at me and rolls his eyes or shakes his head every time those two guys open their mouths, because it's pretty much always about sex. I can't wait for Lake and Michelle to lose, which means they'll probably win. It's just how it goes...