Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chapin, the bulimic cat

I think I may have mentioned that I'm housesitting again. This time for my co-worker. She has 3 cats. They like to do the things that cats, sleep, wake me up far too early in the morning. But I'm convinced that the grey one, Chapin, is bulimic. I put out his wet food in the morning. He eats it very fast (then tries to eat some of Newt's too), then wanders about throwing up what he's just ingested. This is, as you might imagine, so much fun for me.

Then he comes back into the kitchen begging for more food. By this time I've put out his morning ration of dry food, but he turns up his nose to it. Just moments ago, he crawled around the computer so he could sniff the plate that now holds just a banana peel to see if it was something edible.

Newt sits on my head in the morning or will come up to me and pat me on the head to get my attention. Noir is just very passive. He likes pets as he's eating.

A big shout out to Mystic on his European vacation (and, yes, I do realize that utopias are actually not ideal), and to Fred who's been busy with work and life the past several months! (And everyone else, of course...)

Throat still sore, but not getting worse. I actually thought it might be getting better last night. This morning I'm not so sure. Thank gods that tomorrow is a holiday!


P'tit-Loup said...

Maybe you could try to give the bulimic cat only a little bit of his food at a time to see if he can keep that down. Cleaning up cat barf is one thing I would rather never have experienced in my life!

Good to hear your throat is getting better.

Hippy Chick said...

poor you, throat still sore AND kitty barf :( Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow!

Aravis said...

With the exception of the vomit, the cats sound delightful! *G*

Flash said...


AMDG said...

I once had two cats: Smoky and Fagin.

Fagin took a pragmatic approach to food. He said to himself, "I'll eat all mine now, and all Smoky's, and what I don't need I'll just puke up on the hall carpet later."

It had the added advantage, in Fagin's eyes, of showing Smoky who was boss.

Cats, eh? :)

Ka said...

My cat has long done this little bnge and burge routine, less often now that I have her on the fancy wet food once a day. On the flipside, she's maintained her girlish figure admirably.