Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The zoo

I realized that I really hadn't mentioned some of the highlights of Sunday at the zoo. As you might remember, the last time I was there I caught two rather large crickets mating. Well, this time, it seems it was mating season in the children's area of the zoo.

I'm not sure why the bats are in the children's area. Maybe they couldn't figure out where to put them. They are glorious looking creatures and appear to walk around the nets with hooks at the end of their wings. I went to read the information about them and learned that all the bats they had were male bats, then looked up to find that one male bat was trying to get cozy with another - who wanted nothing to do with him. I tried to put this off as just strange bat behavior when I noticed that the rejected bat had taken to orally pleasuring himself in the meantime. He alternated between trying to, unsuccessfully, get it on with his bat-friend and doing the most amazing acro-bat-ics in order to take care of his own needs. S wasn't convinced at first, but the it was hard to ignore after this got repeated four or five times.

As we were leaving the bat den, we gazed into the goat yard...where children are fond of following the goats around and trying to pet them, while the goats just try to elude the children. Well, one of the male goats decided that it was time do some approaching of a particular female...ignoring the female that was following closely behind him. Isn't that always the way it goes, ladies? He wasn't quite as dedicated in his pursuit as our bat friend, though.

We didn't get to see the bugs this time. *sigh*

On a seperate note...things at my work place are making me anxious lately. I'm back to not wanting to come in to work. It's frustrating. Perhaps I'll talk about it at a later date.

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Aravis said...

I love bats, and this is a side to them I'd never heard of. It made me laugh.

Sorry things are uneasy at work. *hug*