Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Twas the afternoon before Christmas

I cleaned the bathroom this morning and helped my mother with her grocery shopping yesterday. Basically, I'm being a dutiful daughter this time around.

My parents aren't driving me too batty, although I admit that it does make me a little insane that my mother wants to talk all the time. I think I'm safe when she picks up her book, but then she'll read something funny and want to share it. My dad has only shared his political ideas a couple of times. We are just enough different that we drive each other a bit batty with what our opinions are.

I did tell them this a.m. about S. They were quite pleased about this...I could see thoughts of babies bubbling in mom's head. She did remind me yesterday that her cousin had had 2 grandchildren born in the past year (and that he has 7 total).

It was all a bit anticlimactic...they've made a much bigger deal about my giving up my vegetarian ways (something that's a bit obnoxious - you'd thought I'd become a part of some cult).

Anyway, the turkey's in the oven, the gifts are under the tree, I'll be taking the dog for a walk before too long...then it will be time for the eating and the gifting and more of the eating before we sleep and start it all over again.

I've been informed by MNDoctor and her partner, TechGirl, that being a working couple and mother of the formidable Princess they rely on my blog as a sort of lifeline (they fed me wonderful chicken marsala and let me give much love to their dogs...Princess wasn't so happy since my visit meant no watching Cinderella last night), so I will be sure to get a posting up here tomorrow as well. I hope to get some dish on the venereal (oh, sorry that should be venerable) Mr. Trump from the former MissAKUSA (one of my 3 cousins...the Arian Poster Children). I'll keep you posted.

I hope that Santa brings you all what you asked for. I'm not quite sure how he's going to pull of my request for a withdrawl from Iraq, but I'm holding out hope anyway.

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Aravis said...

It sounds as though your Christmas Eve day was nice over all. I'm looking forward to your cousin's insights regarding the Trump thing. I suspect I'm going to enjoy that.

And maybe if enough of us ask for the withdrawal from Iraq, he'll figure it out before next Christmas.

Here's hoping!