Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Blood and fire are too much for these desperate arms to hold"

So last night I went on an adventure with SS. I'd pretty much figured out what the surprise was before we met up, but still I was very excited.

We had dinner at Jack London Square, then headed to the Crucible for their fire ballet. It was a staging of Romeo & Juliet.

Sadly, like the star-crossed lovers, the production was a bit doomed. We got through about 2-3 scenes when they staged what I'm sure will be a beautiful scene of a ballroom dance. Dancers with fire and a chandelier with fire coming out of the top and aerial dancers swinging from it.

When the "rain" started to fall on the scene, no one in the audience really got that anything was wrong...until one of the aerial dancers called out, "Put us down, now!" It seems that the heat of the flames from the chandelier had set off the localized sprinkler system.

I for one am glad that they don't have a system that triggers all of the sprinklers when one goes off. But the folks in the first couple of rows weren't so lucky. They got soaked.

Needless to say, when you are performing indoors with fire, you need to have a working sprinkler system, so they had the Oakland Fire Dept come out to replace the sprinkler head. They were going to try to go on with the show, but SS and I decided at 10:15 to see if we could exchange tickets for another night rather than be up out until midnight on a schoolnight.

So, we get the chance to see it again on Friday night.

It was lovely getting to see SS. Did it make me miss S any less? No. Drat. I have a whole week to go.


Hippy Chick said...

oh that is just hilarious, i'm starting off my day with a good giggle thanks to you :)

Charby said...

That sounds brilliant!

Aravis said...

So funny! Not for the performers or those in the first couple of rows, perhaps, but for the rest of you there was high comic value. *G*