Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Alien abduction?

Yesterday was full of bright flashing lights, strange instruments and an injection that's turned my urine a neon yellow. No strange looking creatures with big heads though.

I started out the day going to see the opthamologist. After a general eye exam and having my eyes dilated, I got to do all sorts of different tests and then the doctor examined my retina. This involves shining a very bright light into my dilated eyes and being asked to look up, to the right, down, etc. After asking his son (who's name is the same as my deceased great-uncle) to torture me in the same way, they decided that I needed to see a retinal specialist.

So, after calling S because I was getting a bit freaked out, I headed off to see the retinal specialist. S was a sweetie and came along with me. And it was another round of eye exam, different tests, more dilation, then in the afternoon the did a contrast angiogram. So they again flashed bright lights into my eyes, then took a break to inject the contrast, then took more pictures (more flashing bright lights).

After all that, I was reassured by the retinal doctor that this was not something that could lead to a retinal tear and it's not something that needs to be repaired. It should fade eventually. Apparently they see this type of thing in people with high blood pressure (even when it's controlled). They took my blood pressure then just to make sure it wasn't really high. It was a little high, but really I'd been stressed for most of the day.

S took me home afterward and tucked me in for a little nap before I had to go see my one client. I did get online for a brief time last night, only to find that looking at the computer screen was a little hard on my eyes.

So that's that.

To answer Hammer's question: I found out that the bison were introduced to the park in 1891 as a part of a nationwide breeding program to try to save the endangered species. Most of the current herd is descended from the original herd, although they have added some new ones throughout the years. The SF zoo manages their care.


Cody Bones said...

I'm glad it's not serious Spins, I'm pulling for ya.

hammer said...

thanks for the bison-history. i'm glad you're ok, and you survived the eye doctor. so nice to have s there to take care of you!