Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, if there's something that we are good at, it's communication. We talked, S & I, last night. I was thinking this morning about what I wanted to share, and I realized that, even if I wanted to, I couldn't give a blow-by-blow of what happened. Sometimes things are really fuzzy for me when there are strong emotions present. And that's pretty much the case, right now, all the time.

Let's just say that S is in a period of really figuring a lot of things out. He's doing journalling, which is awesome.

We talked and shared lot's of feelings and what we've been thinking. I did ask, at one point, "So what do we do now?" S threw it back on me. I said I didn't know and he said maybe that's the answer for now. Gah! I do not like that kind of ambiguity, but he is probably right.

So we are digesting. It feels a little lonely.

We snuggled at the end of our talk. I told him that my inner puppy has a crush on WritingInAK's dog, Justin. Let me show you why...


Anonymous said...

Spins--my heart goes out to all 3 of you. Having visited your blog now almost since it's beginning, I have a much more enlightened understanding of what S & SS mean to you and to each other, and you to them. I totally agree with you that his behavior is WAAAAY uncharacteristic of him I hope that he is able to be at peace with whatever demons he is struggling with right now, and I hope that is is very soon. Love to all of you from "the girls"!
MD in MN

Cody Bones said...

Spins, I hope that it all turns out the way it's supposed to. Let us know when your up for more questions. Good luck