Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last night, I started listening to the first in a series of hypnosis recordings that are supposed to be helpful for IBS. I've been avoiding doing any such thing up til now. Mostly because I have lots of feelings that I really don't want to look at too closely.

But some of those feelings are coming up and are being looked at, despite my best efforts to keep my head in the sand. S & I have been talking about our relationship and what is going on for him and what I want and need. That's actually going pretty well. I have to say that it's a damn good thing I'm patient, though. Sometimes he's a bit like a skiddish puppy.

Anyway, it is a great session and I'll be listening to it for awhile (the whole set will take a total of 100 days...they have a schedule). It's very relaxing and comforting. One of the things that was repeated several times was the idea of making my subconcious feel safe. It seems like a kind of silly idea, but I think there is something really powerful there...

You see, I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I had gone into a cave or a mine with some people to do some work (excavation maybe). The work was over, although none of us thought we had actually found what it was we were looking for. The others had left and I had stayed behind in the cave with a few things remaining to wait things out...don't ask me what, I don't know. One of my compatriots had come back and said they would return again...I said I'd be there.

Then, in my dream, my choir director who had led the original expedition and called it off, came back with some other people. They were planning on buying the cave. I had to leave, I was told, so I began to gather up my few belongings. Although the few belongings turned out to be piles of stuff and as I tried to carry them out, I was asked if I really wanted to take those things. I looked at the blankets I was carrying and at the bed from which they had come. The beds were all moldy and I could smell the mold on the blankets...I'm allergic to mold. Not a good thing. So I left it all behind.

I woke up before I left the cave, but clearly my hypnosis engaged that subconcious.


Aravis said...

Yes, it did. Very powerful imagery and symbolism.

Those recordings sound interesting.

spinsterwitch said...

I've only listened to the intro and the first session, but I'm feeling pretty well even after just a few days. But it's so hard to know what it is. Still, it relaxes me and the messages are positive.