Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My horoscope

There is a column in SF Chronicle that has astrological predictions...supposedly, I will be spending most of this year putting things in place for 2011. They didn't tell me why. Maybe it will be a 20/20 hindsight kind of thing.

I don't, generally, make resolutions, but I am working on a project about identity and art. I've mostly just been thinking about it...but I'll keep you posted. I have to do something with it, as I present my experience in St. Louis in March.

Any resolutions from my 2 readers out there?


Aravis said...

Your project sounds intriguing. Yes, keep us posted!

No, no resolutions. I stopped making those years ago. Those are the sorts of things that people make and rarely do. I just keep doing the best I can. I always try to be a better person. It's hit or miss, but I try.

Charby said...

To pass my maths exam and go back to uni!

Derik said...

Art and identity; it's an interesting concept. Do you mean to include how a person's identity helps to form art, or how art is used to interpret an identity, or what? So many interesting facets.

As for resolutions, well, I take something tame like, "Stay financially sound." Boring, I agree, but practical.

megha said...

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