Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too Much Information

Ever since I found out about the gluten thing, I've been reading labels. I have to. I buy shredded cheese and I have to find one that specifies what kind of plant cellulose they are using to keep it from "caking." I have to look to see if the flavorings are natural or artificial because I've learned the hard way that artificial flavorings can sometimes be suspect.

I'm, sadly, learning what things like carageenan are (its extracted from red seaweed...nummy nummy!).

I'm lucky, I know that I don't have to learn all the things that they call dairy or soy, but still.

Today, I learned that one of the sodas that I've been drinking has an extract from wood. Now it's not something that is glutenous, but the idea of it put me off of the soda. Why would that be in there?

I'm sure that people love watching me shop. I pick up a product, squint at the label (I usually scan it for the "gluten free" label), then purse my lips in frustration and put it back on the shelf.

The worse part, though, is that the past couple of weeks when I've gone shopping those conniving little gluten peddlars, the Girl Scouts, have been outside the store trying to lure me to the sick side of the street with their evil Thin Mints. I have thus far, abstained. (sigh)


Cody Bones said...

IN light of the title, I will ask. How has your "digestive system" been. Is everything "coming out OK" and are things "working their way through the system" cleanly. Let us know.

Charby said...

do you still get carageenan in milkshakes? I know macdonalds used to have it in there, when i was lickle!

spinsterwitch said...

I have been doing pretty well. It's a little strange because I still get gluten on a fairly regular basis and it makes me feel awful...but generally, things are coming out as they should :).

I don't know about the milkshakes. I've never been a huge milkshake fan, but I imagine it's probably still in the MacD's ones if it was once there.

Aravis said...

I have this image of you shopping, and now I want to follow you around with a camera. *G*

It sounds frustrating, but worth it?